Annalisa Sandrelli  A graduate in Conference Interpreting (English and Spanish) of the Advanced School for Interpreters and Translators of the University of Trieste, Annalisa Sandrelli is Lecturer in English Language and Translation at Università degli Studi Internazionali (UNINT) in Rome. She teaches Consecutive Interpreting (English – Italian) and Film Language and Audiovisual Translation on the MA in Interpreting and Translation; she also teaches the Audio description module on the MA in Audiovisual and Multimedia Translation and Adaptation for Subtitling and Dubbing. She was Course Director of the MA in Legal Interpreting and Translation (2011-2012) and taught the English Respeaking module of the MA in Accessibility to Media, Arts and Culture (AMAC) of the University of Macerata (2012-2013). Prior to her appointment in Rome, she was Lector in Italian at the University of Hull (1996-2002) and a freelance interpreter trainer (English and Spanish) at the Universities of Trieste and Bologna at Forlì (2002-2007). She has worked in AVT both as a research topic and as a professional activity since graduation, as she chose to write her MA dissertation on subtitling. Since then, she has attended an intensive postgraduate training course in Audiovisual Translation – Dubbing at City University in London and many training courses and workshops on subtitling, voiceover, respeaking and audiodescription held in various Italian and European universities (Hull, Bologna-Forlì, Saarbrücken, Leiría, Imperial College, and Macerata). She has been a freelance subtitler for about 15 years, working for several companies and agencies; she has also published a few papers on subtitling and dubbing. As well as AVT, her research interests include CAIT (Computer Assisted Interpreter Training), legal interpreting and translation, and corpus-based interpreting and translation studies. She has been involved in several projects funded by the European Commission: a project on Computer Assisted Interpreter Training at the University of Hull (1999-2002); Building Mutual Trust on the training of legal interpreters and translators (2008-2010); Qualitas, on certification schemes for legal interpreters in Europe; and Understanding Justice, on the role of interpreters in civil and commercial mediation (2014- 2016). As regards Italian projects, she was involved in the EPIC project (European Parliament Interpreting Corpus) at the University of Bologna (2004-2006); she is one of the founding members of LARIM (research group on interpreter-mediated interactions) and is a member of the Osservatorio sull’euroletto project.

Marta Biagini

Marta Biagini has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Florence and a degree in Conference Interpreting (French and English) from the University of Trieste. She received her Ph.D in French Linguistics from the Universities of Brescia and Paris 3 La Sorbonne Nouvelle, with a thesis on the analysis of interpreter-mediated discourse in court. Before joining the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation of UNINT (Rome), she taught Italian linguistics in the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Paris 3 La Sorbonne Nouvelle. She is currently teaching Interpreting Theory and Ethics, Dialogue Interpreting (Italian- French) and an Introductory Seminar to Legal Interpreting on the MA in Translation and Interpreting at UNINT. Her research interests range from Interpreting and Translation Studies to Discourse and Dialogue Analysis and Audiovisual Translation. More specifically, as regards AVT, she has been working on and within the domain both as a researcher and as a subtitler. After a four-year- collaboration as a free-lance subtitler for many international film festivals such as Rome, Turin and Venice, she wrote her MA dissertation at the University of Trieste on Discourse Markers in Subtitled Film Dialogues; she has also published an article titled  “Les sous-titres en interaction: le cas des marqueurs discursifs dans des dialogues filmiques sous-titrés », in Glottopol 15 – Oralité et écrit en traduction (2010, http://glottopol.univ-rouen.fr/numero_15.html). She also taught AVT at the University of Macerata for a one-year-module in 2012-2013.

Dario Matteo Sparanero

After graduating in Conference Interpreting (English and Mandarin Chinese) at Università degli Studi Internazionali (UNINT) in Rome, and after an MA in Translation and Interpreting for TV, Cinema and D-Cinema, he started translating and adapting into Italian films from all over the world to be screened in Italy’s film festivals (Giffoni Film Festival, Festival di Pesaro, Asiatica Film Mediale, Festival Cervantes, Capri Hollywood, film festivals hosted at Rome’s Casa del cinema and Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Isola del cinema film festival in Tiber Island, etc.). At the same time, he started collaborating with some independent filmmakers by subtitling their documentaries for foreign markets. In 2012, he started teaching Theory and Technique of Audiovisual Language and Film Translation on the MA in Interpreting and Translation and on the MA in Audiovisual and Multimedia Translation and Adaptation for Dubbing and Subtitling at UNINT University. Since 2013, he has taught the Introduction to TV and Cinema Language module on the BA degree course in Foreign Languages for Interpreting and Translation.